WEBKAM | Web application development & design by Kam White



In designing advertising, the use of empty space is a tool that is critical to presenting the advertiser's message effectively.

This rule also applies to website design and is especially important in mobile application development, where working space is more limited.

02extra mile

One of my strengths is going the extra mile in creating user-friendly systems. I'm passionate about the development details and reducing clutter from the user experience.

I'm capable of analyzing technical systems from a technical engineer user's point of view, and enjoy contributing to the creative side, while understanding the science behind technical issues.

03 communication

To correctly define a project's entities and user roles, it's important to understand the client's goals and communicate the direction with the development team to make sure that everyone's on the same page.

Studying business, advertising, branding, and integrated marketing at the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Chapel Hill, NC, has been valuable in helping direct my clients reach their online marketing goals.


My skills stem from a range of artistic and scientific ventures. Supporting the creative process, along with understanding technical system limitations & compliance standards is something that comes natural to me in a fast-paced development environment.

Along with my undergraduate degree in journalism/advertising, and over ten years experience in the workforce, I will complete a graduate degree in Computer Science this spring and I'm starting to engage in some exciting projects while preparing for a new career in software engineering!

05application development

I would like to join a development team for a software company or a start-up business in the development of mobile apps, web apps, or search engine technology, such as indexing services and projects into a central database.

In completing my career transition from audio to software engineering, I look forward to this opportunity to use my creative knowledge, leadership skills, and engineering experience in developing quality software applications.